Pace of Play – Helpful Hints

Here is a list of pace of play guidelines to help get you around the course in 4 hours or less:

  • play ready golf- have your club selected before your fellow competitor hits his/her shot
  • park the golf cart on the exit side of the green which is closest to the next teeing ground
  • write down the scores on the next tee box, not on the green of the hole you just completed
  • be ready to putt when it is your turn-  have your putt already lined up while the others in the group are putting
  • hit a provisional ball if there is a chance your original ball went out of bounds
  • walk or drive to your ball while your fellow competitor is hitting- do not wait until he/she is done hitting
  • do not worry so much about exact yardage to the flag- just hit to the middle of the green

All of these helpful hints can save you a couple of minutes per hole!!  Add them all up and it can save you 20-40 minutes per round Let’s turn those 5 hour rounds into 4 hour rounds!