Pro Shop / Snack Bar

Sycamore Creek’s Pro Shop is proud to be an exclusive Titleist dealer.  Our pro shop features a number of Titleist products including a full range of golf balls, accessories, and clothing.  Titleist golf balls are designed for serious golfers of all levels that demand Tour-validated technology and performance.  Titleist is the #1 ball for more players and more champions across the worldwide professional tours.

In addition to Titleist products, we carry a wide range of quality golf merchandise:

  • Foot Joy, Cutter and Buck shirts
  • Hats and Gloves
  • Foot Joy Golf Shoes
  • Putters and Wedges

Instruction and Lessons

Golf lessons and instructions are available through Golf Tec at 804-364-2022 or email:

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Snack Bar Menu                                                             Beverages

Sausage, Egg, &Cheese Biscuit- $2.75                     Sodas & Tea- $2.50

Chicken Salad Sandwich- $4.25                               Powerade- $2.50

Ham and Cheese Sandwich- $4.50                          Bottle Water- $2.00 

Turkey and Cheese Sandwich- $4.50                     Domestic Beer- $3.50

All Beef Hot Dog- $3.25                                                  6-pack- $18.75

Chili Dog- $3.50                                                          Craft Beer- $4.50

Sycamore Dog (Chili and Slaw)- $3.75                        6-pack- $22.50

Sycamore Cheeseburger- $4.50 (weekend only)

Bratwurst- $3.25 (weekend only)


Honey Buns- $1.00

Candy Bars- $1.45

Crackers and Chips- $1.00

Group box lunches are available.